Aneignung und Interpretation der monadologischen Metaphysik von Leibniz durch die Metaphysik des Daseins


Appropiation and Interpretation of Leibniz's monadological Metaphysics by the Dasein’s Metaphysics

The research of H.-G. Gadamer and F. Volpi have showed the intimate connection between Sein und Zeit and the philosophy of Aristotle, specially the Nicomachean Ethics. The influence of other thinkers on the hermeneutical phenomenology has received less attention. Amongst the thinkers, whose contributions have not been sufficiently highlighted figures Leibniz. In this context, some relations between Leibniz’s monadological thinking and the metaphysics of Heidegger’s Dasein are considered and interpreted in this paper. It is argued that, to certain extent, an appropriation of Monadology’s metaphysics takes place in Dasein’s metaphysics.

Keywords: Monadology, Being, Dasein, appropiation, Leibniz, Heidegger

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