Untersuchung der Entwicklungsgeschichte der Hermeneutik der Faktizit├Ąt beim fr├╝hen Heidegger


An Investigation of the History of Evolution of the Hermeneutics of Facticity in early Heidegger

The hermeneutics of facticity, which constituted a part of the prehistory of Heidegger’s thinking before Being and Time, has itself also a prehistory, which is manifest in the investigation of the early Freiburg lectures. The central question here is how the non-theoretical access to the factual life and its movement is possible. Accordingly, Heidegger develops three conceptions one after another in his lectures: The original science of factual life in and of itself, the categorial explication of factual life and finally the hermeneutics of facticity. These conceptions are examined from a thematic and a methodological perspective in order to bring to light the development of Heidegger’s thought in his early Freiburg lectures, which finally ends in the hermeneutics of facticity.

Keywords: Pre-theoretical, ontologizing, factual life, facticity, self-world, original science, categorial explication, hermeneutics of facticity

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