La rationalité aux limites et les limites de la rationalité : la question de l’intégrité et de l’existence de l’espèce humaine


Rationality at the Limits and the Limits of Rationality:The Question of the Integrity and Existence of the Human Species

The purpose of this article is to address the question of our responsibility as human beings, by taking into consideration the intersection between ethics and science. I intend to prove that the issues raised by the existence and the integrity of the human species is a new and curious form of power founded on what I call “the principle of non-reciprocity” that unites the humanity of today with the future generations. The question that I address is the following: how to act on the future of humanity so that this action can not be regarded as unfair?

Keywords: responsibility, the principle of non-reciprocity, biopouvoir, ethics, rationality, integrity

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