Towards a “Hermeneutics of Historical Consciousness”? Questioning Ricœur


In the present text I address some problems regarding the hermeneutical project developed by Paul Ricœur. Hence, I attempt (1) to highlight three issues which confine the difficulty in understanding Paul Ricœur’s hermeneutics, and (2) to point out, as an example, that Ricœur’s “hermeneutics of historical consciousness” addresses a non-hermeneutic debate. The indirect thesis of my text is that one always has to consider Ricœur’s hermeneutics as a “work in progress” even when he clearly emphasizes that “the text” must be regarded as the centre of hermeneutics and my main thesis is that one always has to pay particular attention to Ricœur’s non-hermeneutic insights when he addresses a hermeneutic problem.

Keywords: Paul Ricœur, hermeneutics, non-hermeneutic intent, text, history

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