Une nouvelle ère de la phénoménologie de la religion ? Sur les récents travaux de Natalie Depraz et Anthony J. Steinbock


On the New Era of the Phenomenology of Religion? On the Recent Works of Natalie Depraz and Anthony J. Steinbock

Phenomenology of religion is among the oldest branches of the discipline founded by Husserl. It has always been difficult to define its outlines: from the very first essays of Scheler, Reinach and Heidegger to the so-called “theological turn” of French phenomenology, one has always feared the transformation of the phenomenology of religion in a religious philosophy that would give up the sacred principle of neutrality. This situation is perhaps behind us thanks to the recent endeavors to renew the field of research. French and American specialists of Husserl’s thought Natalie Depraz and Anthony J. Steinbock try to push back the limits of and to explore new ways in genetic phenomenology by describing religious attitudes by mean of a philosophical-existential methodology especially designed for this task. This paper introduces what might open of a new era of the phenomenology of religion.

Keywords: phenomenology, hermeneutics, religion, Natalie Depraz, Anthony J. Steinbock

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