« Blasphème » ou « imagination sans fondement » ? La bataille des griefs théologiques entre Descartes et Malebranche


“Blasphemy” or “groundless imagination”? The battle of theological grievances between Descartes and Malebranche

The goal of this article is to analyze a metaphysical and theological argument between Descartes and Nicolas Malebranche about the relationship between the eternal truths and God. We try to see whether the criticism that Malebranche expresses in the Elucidations succeeds in demolishing the Cartesian theory of eternal truths that emerges in the Letters from 1630 to Mersenne or if Malebranche, in 1678, were not already disqualified by the arguments that Descartes had supported in those letters.

Keywords: blasphemy, imagination, divine idea, eternal truth, cartesianism

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