New Realism as Positive Realism


In this essay I try to give some overall statements in order to show that new realism is to be understood as a kind of positive philosophy. Against constructivism, I argue that there is a prevalence of the objects themselves on our understanding of them (I.) because reality offers a resistance to our attempt to grasp it (II.) depending on its level of dependence from our own understanding, which is different in the case of natural objects, ideal object and social object (III.). This negativity (the impossibility to resolve reality into thinking) leads to an ontological necessity of facticity (IV.). In the second part of this paper I will describe – through the exposition of three key concepts of new realism, i.e. “unamendability”, “interaction” and “affordance” – an ascending path for which the negative and the resistance turn into positivity.

Keywords: New-Realism, Ontology, Epistemology, Unamendableness, Documentality

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