De la subjectivité prise dans le langage : Agamben et Lacan


Subjectivity trapped into language: Agamben and Lacan

The attempt of this paper is to build a discussion between Giorgio Agamben and Jacques Lacan about their theories of the subject. Our lecture of Agamben’s theory of subjectivity is determined by the thesis that the birth of subjectivity depends on the structure of the exception and that this implies that « shame » is the subject’s elementary structure. After exposing this thesis about the agambenian subjectivity, we will show how some of its aspects can be related to the subject of unconscious as it has been theorized by Lacan. This comparison will allow us to look, in the thought of Agamben and Lacan, for another way to elaborate the emergence of the subjectivity. Finally, we will assess the connections of the lacanian and the agambenian alternatives with the linguistic of Ferdinand de Saussure.

Keywords: Subjectivity, Langage, Exception, Subjectivation, signify

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