Langage et valeurs. Les mécanismes du pouvoir chez Nietzsche


Language and Values: The Mechanisms of Power in Nietzsche

The present paper investigates Nietzsche’s theory of power. The first part analyses the concept of will to power, understood as a synthesis of the multiplicity of forces. The connection between the will to power and interpretation is dealt with at length in the second chapter of this text. Interpretation means domination, organization, the adjustment of something in view of its usefulness to a dominant will to power, but also the creation of values, their infiltration into things, and not least the internalization of the belief that values are universal, because through them, domination becomes effective. The next chapters of the text focus on the main strategies of domination, i.e. the internalization of values and the language. Since values are not only the most important tools of domination, but also the main lies and illusions of man, the language provides shortcuts for giving commands and for understanding them.

Keywords: Nietzsche, power, force, will to power, domination, values, language, interpretation, genealogy, morals

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