La philosophie dans l’Université roumaine à nos jours


Philosophy in Nowadays Romanian Universities

First of all I would bring to attention the type of reading that the Romanian student with philosophical concernments practices. This new type of lecture will be conceived as a new process of reading, with both informal and formal implications. This fact has important consequences regarding the perception of the philosophical text inside the research work community, taking into consideration especially its own way of inquiry and understanding. We can notice that, the institutional situation of philosophy is definitely not a good one, because in nowadays universities it lost its definitory role in a man’s spiritual evolution. One of the aspects that leaded to this unfortunate situation has to do with the constantly depreciation of what we call reflection, theoretical thinking, or even vision. Anyway, this problem is strictly connected to the technical and economical requirements which govern the nowadays educational system.

Keywords: reading, understanding, philosophy, university, reflection, theoretical thinking

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