Foucaults Archäologie: Zwischen dem Kantischen transzendentalen Projekt und dessen Radikalisierung durch Fichte


Foucault’s Archeology: Between the Kantian Critical Philosophy and its Fichtean Radicalization

This paper aims at analyzing the status of epistemic discontinuity in the realm of Foucauldian archeology. The problem that I focus on is that of “fractured subjectivity” represented, in The Order of Things, by literary figures such as Don Quixote or Justine and Juliette. I move on to discuss the Foucauldian interpretation of Kantian anthropology in order to explore the epistemic function of what I previously called fractured subjectivity. These considerations lead us finally to a Fichtean radicalization of Kantian critical philosophy and its specific position in the Foucauldian archeology of human sciences.

Keywords: Foucault, episteme, archeology, Kant, Fichte, insight, knowledge, spirit

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