Il logos tra filosofia e vita. Una nota sullo stoicismo antico


The logos between Philosophy and Life: About ancient Stoicism

The conception of philosophy we have inherited from ancient Greek tradition, and especially from Hellenistic Stoicism (3rd-2nd century B.C.) proves to be insightful even today. On the one hand, philosophy was considered as inseparable from life in terms of good life, thus ethically oriented and corresponding to virtue – perspective which still dominates the current interpretation of Stoicism. On the other hand, philosophy was connected to life through a specific link to logos. In this paper, I address the issue of the relationship between language and virtue in Stoicism. I will suggest that, with the Stoics, “logic” (as doctrine of the logos in a broad sense) can coincide with ethics, and that the seal of their reconciliation is to find in the human language.

Keywords: Stoicism, Language, Life, Philosophy, Ethics, Virtue, Praxis

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