Imagination et temporalisation chez Kant, Husserl et Richir


Imagination and Temporalization in Kant, Husserl and Richir

The purpose of this article is to lay out the close connection between temporality and imagination. We suggest that Husserl’s discovery of the field of phantasy implies a specific concept of temporalization, of which Kant may have had a glimmering in his third Critique. In order to expose this specific temporalization we will first outline the Husserlian conception of imagination and phantasy taking the example of a landscape. We will then show how the Kantian aesthetics can resolve some problems, which arise in the manuscripts of the Husserliana XXIII. Throughout the article we follow Marc Richir’s reading of Kant and Husserl, which permits the elaboration of a new concept of temporalization inspired by the works of the two aforementioned authors.

Keywords: image, imagination, phantasia, schematism, temporalization, presence, present, weilen

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