Le transcendantal et l’empirique : une ‘insociable sociabilité’. L’épreuve de la surprise d’un transcendantal à l’autre


The Transcendental and the Empirical: An Unsociable Sociability; The Case Study of Surprise from one Transcendental to an Other

What is the relationship between the transcendental and the empirical? Thanks to quite a peculiar phenomenon, surprise, I will show how it is possible to shed a new light on the relationship of transcendental philosophy to the empirical. In order to do so, the Kantian anthropological alterity-operator of insociable sociability will be my lever. My leading questions being: under which conditions the empirical as in-sociable for philosophy may be socialized? What is the benefit for the transcendental? How surprise as a phenomenon that is exemplarily un-integrable by transcendental philosophy may play a part in it?

Keywords: transcendental, empirical, anthropology, psychology, surprise, unsociable sociability, affect, astonishment, disappointment, attention

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