Erwartungshorizont: Über eine literarische Hermeneutik, die Ingarden nie schrieb


Horizon of Expectation: On the Literary Hermeneutics never Written by Ingarden

In this paper I examine the subject of the intersubjective constitution of intentional objects in Ingarden, particularly in the literary work. Subsequently, I cover certain topics of Husserl’s phenomenology adopted and developed further by Ingarden, which were certainly taken up in Reception Aesthetics, but were insufficiently recognized as Husserl’s legacy. In doing so, I attempt to show that Ingarden’s literature aesthetics, as regards its origin in Husserl’s essential-eidetic phenomenology, provides important clues to suggest that Ingarden may not necessarily be regarded as the founder of reader-oriented hermeneutics.

Keywords: Literary Work of Art, Ingarden, Husserl, Phenomenology, Reader Response Criticism, Hermeneutics

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