Axiology, Leadership and Management Ethics


The Nietzscheean principle of all values’ reevaluation turns fertile in postmodernity on the grounds of axiological pluralism. It works as a catalyst to solve the crises experienced by postmodern humans. Denouncing hierarchies of absolute values (may they be metaphysical or religious) opens the way to asserting a particular ethics generally meant for business environment and organizations. In this context, philosophy is bestowed the essential role to create and impart the necessary instruments for an axiological and ethical reconstruction. Philosophers have to create and impart such instruments. In using them, companies become the cores coagulating individual and community values according to ethical responsibility. Developing leadership qualities in managers contributes in a decisive way to the built of an organization with an ethical culture aimed to increase efficiency and quality of life in various public categories.

Keywords: values, management ethics, leadership, axiology, sacred, ethical counseling, philosophical expertise, Nietzsche

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