Les trois modes perceptifs et le concept d’image chez Bergson


The three types of perception and the concept of image in Bergson

The article focuses on the constitution of the concept of image in Bergson’s second important book, Matter and Memory. It intends to show how this concept is developing throughout the three types of perception that can be found in Bergson: the ordinary or utilitarian perception, pure perception and artistic perception (or vision). According to the modes of participation to these types of perception, the image can be regarded as representational image, movement-image and figuration-image (or temporal image). The article stresses the importance of artistic vision, insufficiently treated by Bergson: it is regarded as a fundamental link between the two other types of perception and makes the appearance of material things possible for us, in our conscious perception.

Keywords: Bergson, perception, image, form, movement, art, duration

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