Politique et dialogue. Réflexions inspirées par Eric Weil et Hannah Arendt


Politics and dialogue: Reflections inspired by Eric Weil and Hannah Arendt

The article analyses the main characteristics of dialogue seen as a political dimension of language starting from Eric Weil and Hannah Arendt. The importance of the topic is given by the difficulties of political debates that deal with the existential problems of people who live in multicultural and multi-religious societies. Our choice for Arendt and Weil finds justification in the genuine effort made by the two philosophies to turn dialogue into the true condition of possibility for political action. For this purpose, we return to the approach of dialogue as virtue in Eric Weil and as expression of the human world in Hannah Arendt to show that in these “dark times” (Arendt) the “courage of reason” (Weil) is required to overcome violence through comprehension and reasonable action.

Keywords: politics, dialogue, political action, modern society, Eric Weil, Hannah Arendt

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