Being and Metaphysics: A Hegelian Critique of Heidegger’s Phenomenological Voluntarism


Hegel and Heidegger are leading figures of modern philosophy, but their interpretation of being, metaphysics, truth, ontology, epistemology, dialectic, alienation and art, among other central questions of philosophy, are radically different. Taking these aspects into account, my paper tries to dismiss Heidegger’s critiques towards Hegel arguing that, from the point of view of 20th century phenomenology, and although using a dissimilar philosophical vocabulary, Hegel was rather a phenomenologist than a metaphysician. Not only that: in many respects, Heidegger’s Dasein toys with metaphysic to an extent that Hegel’s spirit never did.

Keywords: phenomenology, truth, ontology, dialectic, epistemology, art

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