Le Soi comme « oeuvre d’art »


The Self as a Work of Art

More and more aesthetic projects seek to converge art with real life, up to becoming coincident. The expressions 'art of living', 'art as way of life', 'to live artistically' illustrate precisely such an overlap. The body can be an interface in relation to the others, but also the instrument by which we can gain our confidence and self-esteem. This is the context in which Richard Schusterman speaks of 'the self as a work of art'. 'The somaesthetics', in the form promoted by the American aesthetician, is concerned with the 'styling of the self' by modeling one's own body. This has as object the body, as perceived by each, in order to provide pleasant sensations or beautiful depictions. In general frameworks, it can be described as a critical and philosophical study of experience, regarding the use of the body as a place of sensorial aesthetic appreciation and creative self-modeling.

Keywords: art of living, The Self, body, somaesthetics

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