Changes of Personalistic Identity Meanings in Modern Technosphere: Interaction, Loneliness, Narcissism


The paper analyses the interaction-loneliness in the context of shifts in the personalistic identity meanings triggered by the development of the information and communication technologies. The theoretical framework of the research is Bakhtin's existential theory of meaning that allows to apply the method of existential analytics. It is aimed to reveal the meanings of human existence in alienated contexts getting increasingly complicated. The research identifies the connection between the extensive development of the information and communication technologies and the changes in existential parameters of a human existence, which is expressed in extreme narcissism. This negative phenomenon of human loneliness indicates an original self-identification through self-isolation of their existence, preventing comprehensive social interaction, a loss of their spiritual reasonability. The obtained results add into the integration of academic knowledge based on philosophical methodology and specify the object of interdisciplinary studies on personalistic identity and the socialization in a modern technosphere.

Keywords: meaning; personalistic identity; technosphere; social interaction; loneliness

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