Les limites de la discursivité : « honorer par le silence » chez Maxime le Confesseur


Limits of Discursivity: “Honor by Silence” in Maximus the Confessor

Maximus the Confessor granted in his works a certain attention to the issue of silence (siope). The majority of the researchers that interpret the Maximian writings, especially, E. Michaud, V. Grumel and H.U. von Balthasar, have approached the theme of silence by referring to the difficult issue of the apocathastasis. Recently, C. Boudignon discusses about silence as tightly related to the Maximian exegesis. In this study I aim to highlight the interpretations of modern scholars in order to show, on one hand, that in the writings of the Confessor the influence of monastic sources is evident and, on the other hand, that one may observe many contexts in which silence occupies a meaningful place.

Keywords: Maximus the Confessor, silence, honor by silence, anagogy, tradition, interpretation

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