Faculties of the Soul and their Hierarchy in Bonaventure’s 13th Century Voluntarism


The aim of my article is to observe the way in which the concept of hierarchy may be applied and understood from the philosophical writings of Bonaventure of Bagnoregio in a twofold manner as mainly applied to the created world, but also as a reference to the faculties of the human soul dealing with both intellectual and moral knowledge. The assumed perspective shall be treated from the point of psychological voluntarism assumed by the philosopher in asserting a primate of will in dealing with moral actions and human behavior. The terms implied in defining how one may apply the concept of hierarchy in relation to the faculties of the soul refer to intellect, reason, conscience, will and synderesis. By means of direct textual analysis I want to establish the correct links between these concepts and what their role in the process of moral knowledge is.

Keywords: conscience, will, synderesis, hierarchy, Bonaventure, voluntarism, medieval philosophy

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