« Thème du thème » de la Loi. De Spinoza à Volosinov


“Theme of the theme” of the Law. From Spinoza to Volosinov 

Rereading Spinoza’s Tractatus Theologico-Politicus in the light of Volosinov’s theory of indirect speech, this article analyzes the process of establishing political order, focusing on its relationship with the expression of juridical law in a way that allows each otherness to be perceived as singular. Our guiding hypothesis is that a conception of the establishment of political order requires a clarification of the judgement operation aimed at securing a temporary articulation of two elements: the non-identity of the becoming self, and the non-identity of the multitude of wills. Vološinov’s theory of indirect speech, applied to an analysis of the way in which political order is established, exposes the key issue of work on limiting the repetitive effects of imagining knowledge as identical to itself, by becoming able to act on the discursive gaps in the expression of juridical law and not just interpret them.

Keywords: Spinoza, Juridical Law, Indirect Speech, Volosinov, Marxist philosophy of language, Theological-Political Treatise

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