Études créoles entre la linguistique cartésienne et la philosophie marxiste du langage


Creole Studies between Cartesian Linguistics and Marxist Philosophy of Language

In this article, I analyze Haitian and Martinican Creole by mobilizing two distinct methods. Whereas the first refers to the idealist philosophical tradition peculiar to Cartesian linguistics (DeGraff, Chomsky), the other is instead situated in the field of Marxist philosophy of language (Volosinov, Lecercle, Glissant). My main concern is to use new content to fill out the conceptual frame defining Lecercle’s Marxist philosophy of language and, in so doing, to bring about new breaches in the philosophy of language predominant today.

Keywords: Creole language, Chomsky, cartesian linguistics, marxist philosophy of language, Glissant, Volosinov, Lecercle

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