Die grundlegenden Eigenschaften von Schelers phänomenologischer materialer Wertethik


The Basic Properties of Scheler’s  Phenomenological Material Value-Ethics

The main task of this article is to consider Scheler's phenomenological material value-ethics in the context of the history of ethical thought, in order to better understand his position. In Scheler’s view, phenomenology undoubtedly establishes a “novel apriorism” that is “richer” than Kant’s “formal” apriorism. Scheler himself introduces a “substantial apriori”, developed it further into “material apriori”, and finally created a unique “material” and “a priori” basis for the “material apriorism”. Certainly, we can not possibly discuss all the details of the history of ethical thought here. However, by means of Scheler’s provisions or the “characteristics” of his ethics, we try to assign him a place in the history of ethics.

Keywords: Max Scheller, phenomenology, values, material value-ethics, Formalismus

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