Thomas Luckmanns Auffassung bez√ľglich des Verh√§ltnisses von Ph√§nomenologie und Soziologie: Eine kritische Betrachtung ihrer St√§rken und Schw√§chen


Thomas Luckmann’s Account of the Relation between Phenomenology and Sociology: A Critical Assessment of its Strengths and Weaknesses

In the present paper, I intend to systematically revisit Thomas Luckmann’s account of the relation between phenomenology and sociology, and to assess its strengths and weaknesses in terms of a constructive criticism. In order to achieve this aim, I will proceed in three steps. First (1), I will reconstruct his position by means of an exhaustive analysis of his programmatic texts. Second (2), I will identify its strengths and merits. And finally (3), I will expound its shortcomings and try to correct them by bringing Luckmann into dialogue with other sociological-theoretical and phenomenological accounts.

Keywords: phenomenology, sociology, phenomenological sociology, Thomas Luckmann, Alfred Schutz

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