De la certeza intelectual al acto de fe. Contra academicos 3, 34 y Sermo 130 a (= Dolbeau 19)


From the intellectual certainty to the act of faith: Contra academicos 3, 34 and Sermo 130 a (= Dolbeau 19)

In our paper we propose the unity of Augustinian thought; To substantiate it, we present two chronologically distant works (one of youth, the other of old age) that work to establish respectively the foundations of credere: as a means of overcoming skepticism and as a support for the explanation of the act of faith, based on the subjective dispositions of the person. Consequently, the understanding of the immanent order constitutes the necessary step that allows us to understand what it means to believe and delimit the way to God. Faith, in fact, is not an end itself, but a means to understand revelation and bring it to life.

Keywords: St. Augustine, skepticism, credere, knowledge, belief

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