Perdus dans la translation. La dérive de la notion de « citoyenneté européenne »


Lost in translation. The drift of the notion of European citizenship

This paper focuses on the translation from the classical concept of “citizenship” to the “European citizenship” and tries to describe the consistence of the mutation, ending by sustaining that having the same manner of naming does not necessarily (in this case it does not happen at all) describe two similar realities, but on the contrary, almost two opposite realities. In the same time, the European citizenship, despite the almost unilateral academic interest, does not concern only the way people use the rights that the supranational structure assures, but also, and perhaps deeply, the way they feel as European ones. That is why, even if the civil-political level of this recent form of citizenship has, at least, from the legislative point of view, become reality, its psychological implications do not let it enjoy of an exhaustive accomplishment.

Keywords: translation, citizenship, European citizenship, identity, rights

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