Leibliche Individuierung als originäres Erscheinen. Zur Bestimmung einer ontologisch-phänomenologischen Grundfrage


Bodily Individuation as Original Appearing

So far, philosophy has conceived of the principium individuationis in terms of of a unique position in space and time coordinates. However, this leads to equate the living human individual with things in this respect. In the phenomenological analysis, corporeality assumes on the contrary such individuation, not only as singular Erleben, but also as arch-impression within auto-affection. Thereby, a radical passivity or Passibilität guarantees the connection between body (Leib) and Life, as well an original self-appearing of appearing, which is not anymore dependent on the transcendence of space and time. A further consequence is that the transcendental character of consciousness and subjectivity is no longer a merely formal structure, but is the concrete life of the purely phenomenological individual as pre-reflexive ipseity. 

Keywords: Heidegger, Henry, phenomenology, body, individuation

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