Namenlosigkeit. Oder: Die Perversion der Postmoderne: Pandemie-Politiken


Namelessness. Or: The Perversion of Postmodernity: Politics of Pandemics

The aim of this paper is to show how the politics of pandemics is a perversion of the postmodern situation. Postmodernity is constituted as a figuration of a pluralistic freedom, whereas the perversion annihilates all pluralism in favor of authoritarian one-dimensional thinking and acting. What the reality of the plurality in postmodernity has offered as possibilities is shown in two literary examples (Peter Bichsel and Samuel Beckett). All this freedom is negated in the perversion of the pandemic politics. The perspective of social philosophy throws light on this transformation by namelessness, which has been the plurality of names and of acts of names giving in postmodernity and the perversion of an anonymous one-dimensional management of nameless numbers and cases of incidence in execution of a pretended “Sachzwang” (factual constraint).

Keywords: postmodernity, pandemic politics, one-dimensionality, plurality, identity, namelessness, melancholy

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