Les deux justices selon Nietzsche: un exemple d’inversion des valeurs


The Two Types of Justice in Nietzsche: an Instance of Shifted Values

There are two types of justice in Nietzsche: a moral justice that he criticizes and an extra-moral one which corresponds to a « a great justice » that he sustains. However, in the passage from the former to the latter concept, it can be clearly seen what Nietzsche calls a   « shift in values », that is not a simple inversion between the top and the bottom, but a substitution from a gradual, hierarchical conception of values to a binary or dualist one. Thus, a third Nietzschean concept of justice can be identified; this is the most original and important of all and refers to this hierarchy and its acknowledgement.

Keywords: Nietzsche, justice, inversion of values, morals, hierarchy

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