La malédiction du justicier, le bouc et le prophète: éléments pour une théorie des modalités théologico-politiques


The Curse of the Righter of Wrongs, the Goat and the Prophet: Elements for a Theory of the Theologico-Political Ways of Subjectivation

This paper reflects on the relation between psychiatric institutions and political thought. Starting from the distinction made by G. de Clérambault between interpretation and passionate deliria, we aim at identifying two types of symbolic connotations in the demand for justice. Based on this, we formulate the following hypothesis: a description of the semiotic systems that include the two types allows for a differential analysis of the two distinct theologico-political structures to be carried out; they can come up against each other or merge in historical institutions, but they still determine the power positions and the means of heterogeneous subjectivation. From these different perspectives, our hypothesis points to an ambiguity of the concept of « theologico-political ».

Keywords: Clinical psychopathology, political anthropology, theologico-political problem, politic subjectivation, priesthood and prophetism, form-state theory

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