Der befreiende Abglanz der Wahrheit. Anmerkungen zu Nietzsches früher „Umdrehung“ des Platonismus


The Liberating Reflection of Truth: Notes on Nietzsche’s Early “Inversion” of Platonism

Nietzsche „inverts“ Platonism already at the beginning of the 1870s, when he reinterprets Plato’s concept of shine taking over Schopenhauer’s conception of representation. In The Birth of Tragedy, he defines world as a “shine” of the “primordial being”, which is split in Dionysian and Apollonian and whose redemption can happen only through arts. By means of an “inversion” of Platon’s allegory of the cave, Nietzsche shows that the highest possible knowledge is discovering the necessity of veiling the Dionysian abyss thanks to Apollonian shapes. Hereby he prepares that overcoming of “two-word theory”, which give rise to the question if and to what extent there could be any kind of truth.

Keywords: truth, shine, being, arts, ideas

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