Das Gehirnparadox. Ein metaphysisch-repräsentationalistischer Lösungsvorschlag


The Brain Paradox: A Metaphysical-representationalistic Solution Proposal

The focus of this article is on the brain paradox, the various approaches and ways of resolving to it, as well as its implications for anthropology and the philosophy of nature. In the following, I will discuss possible solutions and argue for the position of metaphysical representationalism, which strictly distinguishes in a neo-Kantian manner between the world as it appears to us and the world as it is in itself. This allows the brain paradox to be resolved by explaining the empirical brain as a representation of the actual ontological basis of our consciousness. The empirical brain is therefore not a thing in itself and therefore not the basis of our consciousness but only an appearance or a perceptual content.

Keywords: brain, brain paradox, mind-brain problem, naturalism, realism, idealism, representationalism, anthropology

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