Is Marketing Moral?


This article focused on how moral values can be found in marketing. To some extent, we tried to see if the perspective of traditional ethics has changed in postmodernity and how we can still find moral values in today's life. In the first part, we considered how marketing is seen and perceived, both general and particular, with its moral dimensions. In the second part, we analyzed how ethics and explicit moral issues are found in Marketing. In the third part, we discussed the problem of immoral aspects in various marketing strategies. As we examined these aspects, we have concluded that postmodernity is relative in itself, but this does not mean that moral values are relative. Therefore, following this path, we concluded that marketing is moral as we try to observe it from a dynamic-postmodern perspective. From another perspective, if we appeal to fundamental moral values, we can say that there are moral shortcomings when reflecting on Marketing. We will discuss these perspectives in further detail.

Keywords: moral, marketing, ethics, postmodernity, needs, values, market-place

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