Sublimierung und Narzissmus zwischen Mystik und √Ąsthetik. Ihr individueller wie kultureller Stellenwert als ‚Äělibidin√∂se √Ėkonomie‚Äú gem√§√ü Freud, Lacan und Lyotard


Sublimation and Narcissism between Mysticism and Esthetics: Their Cultural and Individual Relevance as “Libidinal Economy” According to Freud, Lacan and Lyotard

With his concept of a “libidinal economy”, Lyotard connects perception with esthetics in everyday life and thus adds to Freud’s and Lacan’s analyses of sublimation. The aim is thereby to counter neo-liberal distortions of desire (désir) in a postmodern perspective. The article completes this angle with a presentation of radical phenomenological and originary passivity (passibilité), insofar as the latter constitutes the irreducible foundation for all concrete possibilities pertaining to the “I can”. In particular, it is shown to be the foundation for the clarification of phantasms as well as for the fulfillment of existential-esthetic sublimation understood as creativity in the sense of Lacan’s concept of “elastic logic”.

Keywords: esthetics, sublimation, mysticism, desire, passivity, moment, libido, new creation

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