Institution symbolique et rapport à la norme


The Symbolic Institution and Its Linkage to the Norm

This paper reflects on the distinction between autonomy and alienation. Such an approach considers Cornelius Castoriadis and George Bataille’s prior fundamental contentions in both The imaginary Institution of society and The Psychological Structure of Fascism, respectively. On one hand, Castoriadis sets the question of a possible legislation of the Self, in spite of an identification with the ideal of plain consciousness. In contrast, Bataille postulates a ¨productive homogeneity¨ that shall explain ¨collective identity¨ by the means of a materialistic theory. Nonetheless, such an image or representation of identity as ¨One¨ neglects a critique of its foundation in terms of a ¨symbolic institution¨. Subsequently, Marc Richir’s early work will be taken into consideration.

Keywords: Castoriadis, Bataille, Richir, autonomy, law

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