Biotechnologies and the Case of Surrogate Motherhood : Axiological Implications and Their Connection with the Law


Science and technology have had groundbreaking advancements especially in recent years, and this is a cause for concern for both legal specialists and the specialists in the field of (bio)ethics and medicine. The situations that arise as a result of these developments make us wonder whether the person is a subject of law, an object of research, a part of a contract and so on. This paper aims to analyze the (bio)ethical and legal consequences of the use of new technologies for human bio-improvement in surrogacy and at the same time to reflect the epistemological space of moral dilemmas that are intrinsically related to research and scientific experimentation. Ultimately, any technical discussion must go through the filter of axiology, which we will do further.

Keywords: bioethical dilemmas, normality, surrogacy, axiology, family, epistemology

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