Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Film: A Critical Analysis


This paper aims to make a critical analysis of the haptic visuality concept. It elucidates the crossing philosophical basis that uses a metaphor to emphasize the way film highlights through its materiality and an encounter between the perceiver and the object represented. In that effort, the analysis takes four paces: first, positioning films in the perspective of media as mediation; second, reviewing the philosophy of film refers to conceptualizing film phenomenology; third, discussing the phenomenology philosophical tenets; fourth, discoursing the crossing basic assumptions of the concept. The results show that a crossing dialogue between Heidegger’s film phenomenological framework and Ricoeur’s values of hermeneutic to film phenomenology bridges the understanding of a film’s conscious and unconscious process. The outcomes of crossing philosophical dialogue answer the question of whether natural science can understand films.

Keywords: hermeneutics, phenomenology, film, critical analysis, haptic visuality

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