Mythe et technique. Autour de Cassirer


Myth and technology in Cassirer

This article aims at analyzing the symbolic form which is technology in its relation with myth so as to examine its anthropological and political consequences. Technology, as opening of the possible, overrunning the imitation of nature and “emancipation with respect to organic barriers” turns the descriptive question “what is this” in the normative one, “what could this be?”. Man builds his horizon of objects, creates his world and the intuition of his own essence, by living in the field of possibility opened by technology. Thus, obeying the laws of nature has to be always “re-formed” and “re-asserted”: it is changing. Passing from forma formata to forma formans, from having become to the principle of becoming, Cassirer invites us to establish a criticism of technology neither for the purpose of analyzing his works, nor for searching a historical essence. The purpose is to update the aim for the set up, change of sense and aspect of the world in the process of technological exteriorization.

Keywords: Cassirer, criticism of technology, myth of the hero, symbolic form, anthropology of technology, criticism of culture, fascism

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