La mise à jour de philosophie de la nature hégélienne par Alexandre Kojève. La théorie des Primats


The reinterpretation of the Hegelian philosophy of nature by Alexandre Kojève. The theory of primacy

According to Kojève, all philosophical thought develops systematically. Thus, when reading Hegel, he could not go over the text without reflecting on the delicate status of the Philosophy of nature. As opposed to ordinary readings, he defends its necessity and truth, in spite of the outdated statements present in this work. Hegel is right to make a radical distinction between the philosophy of nature and the mathematics – i.e. science – of nature. Kojevian thought draws on a reflection on different forms of language. It especially opposes philosophical conceptual discourse to scientific measure. However, he is also interested in the objects of discourse or measure. He establishes the existence of three objects of phenomenological discourse: minerals, human beings and men that are characterized by the primacy of present, past and future.

Keywords: philosophy of nature, epistemology, Koj??¨ve, Hegel, theory of language, phenomenology

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