La finitude de l'existence dans l'analytique du Dasein : L'entrelacement du comprendre et de l'affection


The Finitude of Existence in the Analytic of Dasein: The Intertwining of Understanding and Affection

In this paper, I will discuss the Heideggerian interpretation of death in relation with two fundamental structures of the existential analysis: understanding (Verstehen) and state-of-mind (Befindlichkeit). In the first part, I will highlight how the understanding opens the phenomenon of death as a possibility: this possibility will prove to be a specific imminence, in that it must be assumed by the Dasein in itself, as Dasein’s ownmost and non-relational possibility that cannot be outstripped. In the second part, I will analyse the relation between death and the affectivity, emphasizing the contrast between the traditional position on this subject – which involves the philosophical neutralization of a natural fear of death – and Heidegger’s position, suggesting a dynamic tension between the fear and anxiety, where anxiety is not an annihilation of fear, but its existential radicalization.

Keywords: finitude, death, existence, fear, anxiety, authenticity, Heidegger

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