Baudrillard et la logique sociale de la consommation


Baudrillard and the Social Logic of Consumption

This paper is a fragmented exploration of Jean Baudrillard’s theory of consumption, one that belongs to his early writings. Even though they became commonplaces inside the analysis of contemporary society, themes such as the (meta)consumption, the daily life or the (symbolic) evolution of advertising have not lost their theoretical and interpretive potential. Thus, my reading of Baudrillard’s work has a double stake. First, I want to see to what extent Baudrillard’s ideas fit a more general model of interpretation that is to be found in the writings of other French contemporary philosophers, as well. Second, I am interested in the way the development of the theory of consumption makes Baudrillard see a few cracks in the façade of some important hermeneutical filters.

Keywords: consumption, consumerism, daily life, modernity, Potlatch

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