«Parler exactement» de Dieu. L’interprétation rationnelle de l’Ecriture chez Malebranche


“Speaking Exactly” of God: The Rational Interpretation of Scripture in Malebranche

This article aims to highlight the strategies that Nicolas Malebranche uses in order to subvert the patristic interpretation of the Scripture and to impose a hermeneutical neutralization of the patristic tradition. I refer to the general problem of the relationship between reason and faith and to the particular problem of the rationality of the divine action in the theology of Incarnation. The main question to which Malebranche has tried to answer is if we can interpret the Christian theology in order to “deduce” the norms of the divine action. However, this interpretation leads Malebranche into conflict with his direct rival (Antoine Arnauld) and with other indirect opponents (some Church Fathers).

Keywords: Incarnation, tradition, reason, subversion, God

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