Poétique de l’image. Structure diaphane et phénoménologie de l’inapparent


Poetics of the image. Diaphanous structure and phenomenology of the unapparent

The study focuses on a dimension concerning the status of the image as a diaphanous structure. It involves both a hermeneutical and a phenomenological approach which aims to set the guidelines to a poetics of the image by inquiring the function of the image in the foundation of the original significance. Does it open a horizon of the presence in the occurrence of an infra-textual phenomenon? In other words: that what pre-signifies, as absolute origin, does it give itself for comprehension in “the flesh” of an image, in a speaking configuration? How could we intercept, beyond the poetical body, but through its signifying language, the unimaginable image of the poetal flesh, in the uncertain place where something appears in the perspective opened by a new point of view? In this case, the white comprehension implies an apophatic experience or a phenomenology of the unapparent. It should retrieve the way between what affirms and what covers, the body of an intermediate image between what is proposed for the speaking and the apparition of the significance itself: an oblique itinerary which intercepts the eternal (re-)initiation of the poetal saying.

Keywords: poetics, image, diaphanous structure, phenomenology, unapparent

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